Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

From the lineage of Asokananda, Northern Thailand, each session draws on a large selection of stretches and body positions and pressure points, to stimulate energy movements through major channels in the body. Thai Yoga Massage is celebrated throughout the world as an invigorating yet deeply relaxing massage. (Yoga experience is not required.)

Regular rates:
60 minutes  $75
90 minutes  $95

Lukprakob  (Thai Herbal Compress)  $115

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage:

  • reduced pain, stress and swelling
  • increased blood and lymph circulation
  • facilitates removal of toxins
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • increased energy
  • facilitates release of emotions
  • supportive of spiritual unfoldment


Yoga Massage

One on one sessions given by Eila, will help you take your yoga practice to another level! Through various assisted yoga poses, an emphasis is given to bringing about a deep sense of wholeness within yourself. Additional pressure, long stretches, breathwork and sound, enhances your experience of the yoga. Each session will leave you feeling nurtured, refreshed and peaceful. Some knowledge of simple yoga postures in recommended.

60 minute session $75.00